About Us

As thought leaders in their respective fields, the Academic Advisory Council (AAC) members inform our design and development processes, and provide invaluable feedback about how our products are being used. We specifically seek their input to the magic behind mojo, and in turn, provide lessons learned from the professional community that they can use to better counsel students during the career planning process. As a significant segment of our user community are college and graduate students, our AAC serves as an important connection between the student communities and the professional world, as well as guiding our efforts to provide both constituencies with the best possible services.

The mojolive.com Academic Advisory Council (AAC) is comprised of leaders in various educational fields relevant to the services we facilitate. Career planning, technology, and business administration are all represented, and as our services and the marketplace evolve, so will the composition of the AAC. Charter members of the AAC include:

  • Dr. Tom Davenport, President's Chair in Information Technology and Management at Babson College, and renowned author and speaker;
  • Dr. Rebecca Dedmond, Assistant Professor of Counseling and Director, Freshman Transition Initiative at George Washington University;
  • Louma Ghandour, Assessment Specialist with Rice University’s Center for Career Development and doctoral candidate in the school’s Industrial/Organizational Psychology program; and
  • Sam Lundquist, Assistant Dean for External Affairs at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business.